Acre Meadow plants has closed to customers and visitors for the time being during the coronavirus outbreak. This means no online purchase possible and no visitors until further notice. Re-opening on July1st, possibly mid June, there will be no online sales or plants sent out for the remainder of 2020. At the nursery a selection of plants for sale will be in an outside sales area with no public access to greenhouses. Plans are afoot to open at Acre Meadow for plants for sale sometime in June for Fridays and Saturdays. The garden will be viewable for paying customers as long as £5 per two people has been spent. When we get into July the garden and other areas will open for the NGS on Sundays and Mondays.















Products In This Category:
Canna Black Knight

Canna Black Knight - £6.00

True rich red flower. Red tinted Blue-green foliage

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Canna General Eisenhower

Canna General Eisenhower - £6.00

A very dark broader leaf variety with red-orange flowers

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Canna Golden Orb

Canna Golden Orb - £6.00

Golden Yellow, medium height, bluish leaf colour

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Canna Lesotho Lil

Canna Lesotho Lil - £6.00

very tall orange flowered canna with glaucous green foliage

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Canna musifolia grande

Canna musifolia grande - £6.00

Large banana like foliage. Grows to 3 metres tall. Perfect for a tropical look

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Canna Roi Humbert

Canna Roi Humbert - £6.00

Dark leaved, Orange-red flower. Height over 2 metres easily possible

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Canna Wyoming

Canna Wyoming - £6.00

0range flowered dark foliage

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Helianthus Lemon Queen

Helianthus Lemon Queen - £4.00

Clump forming perennial sunflower. Attractive to bees

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