How to Order

DISRUPTION TO NORMAL POSTING DAYS DUE TO THE QUEENS JUBILEE HOLIDAY! Due to the bank holidays being thursday and friday the last posting day for the week beginning 30 May will be Monday 30 May. Order deadline for guaranteed posting that day is 9am.

The postage and packing charge for website orders is £5 per order regardless of size!

 For website purchase go through the secure payment gateway which is create payments. This operates through worldpay, one of the largest online card payment processors. We do not see your card details. You will receive an automatic order acknowledgement via email when your payment has been successful. Online payment keeps all orders in one place and avoids unnecessary complications. PAYMENT OVER THE PHONE CANNOT BE MADE!

Orders are accepted from the UK only but cannot be sent to Northern Ireland. Dispatch days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. However during quiter times all orders are dispatched one day a week, often Wednesday. Orders received by  9am Tuesday will go same day/next day. Wednesday early morning orders may or may not make same day dispatch. Orders may be placed for collection from the nursery. Please email your order and arrange a date for paying cash on collection.

If you are having trouble paying with your card you can check a few things. Failure of transactions can be due to a poor internet connection in which case give it time or try where the signal is stronger. The item may have run out while you have it in your basket, most likely when another buyer is buying at the same time, this is rare but it has happened. Inconsistant card details, those registered and those entered have to be the same/ including the address the card is registered to. You must also accept the terms and conditions by clicking the box. The card must be registered to a UK address. There is almost no chance it is the fault of the website or worldpay or of course, me. If you still fail it would be best to check with your card provider online to see what  the problem might be.