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Canna Golden Orb

Canna Golden Orb


Golden Yellow, medium height, bluish and blush leaf colour.

:  at  £14.00  each

Golden Orb has a much admired flower of rich golden yellow. Leaves are a attractive purplish colour. Height 3-4 feet. I would recommend that this variety is grown in dappled shade, when flowering, as in full sun the blooms fade quickly. However, in September I have found the flowers don't fade in the weaker sunshine.  If pot growing needs a final pot size of 15 litres or more.

Ready now in a 2 litre pot then for sale as a fresh rhizome from January 1st 2022. If buying January-March you will need to grow with some heat and light to initiate growth or the rhizome may rot. See Canna growing guide for full details. Dispatched January-March every seven to ten days then weekly from mid April. Generally available at the nursery in various pot sizes Spring to Autumn

Canna Golden Orb

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