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Canna musifolia grande

Canna musifolia grande


Large banana like foliage. Grows to 3 metres tall. Pot size 3 litre.

:  at  £18.00  each

 3 litre pots are a good way to acquire a decent size clump for next year and will not need repotting until next year. 30 litre pots, see listing, are currently available for collection or buyer arranges transport.

  All are home grown from my own parent plants. Rhizomes for £6 have ended for this season and will next be available for delivery from January 2022. Other pot sizes available from spring 2022.

A very fast growing large canna for an exotic look. Grow for large leaves, a height of 3 metres easily possible. Leaves have a maroon margin. Stems flushed maroon. The small orange flowers are  a seldom produced bonus! However! In 2021 a good number have flowered from as little as three and a half feet tall. As yet it remains unknown why this has happened as before this year flowering was a rare event with my stock all descending from one plant from the national collection some years ago. At least a few of my customers who bought this spring/summer have had some flowers too including a group of 6 which all flowered and information suggesting they never get large enough to flower is incorrect. As with any other herbaceous perennial, height has no relation to flowering.  In five summers I have seen 3 flower spikes one of which failed to open as it was produced in October but this year there has been at least 16 flower spikes to date. 

See Canna growing guide if you are not familiar with growing canna. If  buying January-March you will need to grow on with some heat and light to intiate growth or the rhizome may rot. Dispatched weekly.

                                                              musifolia grande flower (2)




                                                                Canna musifolia grande in flower       


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