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Canna musifolia grande

Canna musifolia grande


Large banana like foliage. Grows to 3 metres tall.

:  at  £9.00  each

 Canna musifolia grande, for larger pot sizes, 2 litre and 1 litre, check other listings in the online shop. Plants for £9 are good sized, strong growing and come in 1/4 to /1/2 litre pots.

Plants will need  re-potting on arrival.  All are home grown from my own parent plants. Rhizomes for £6 have ended for this season. A very fast growing large canna for an exotic look. Grow for large leaves and a height of 3 metres easily possible. Leaves have a maroon margin. Stems flushed maroon. The insignificant small orange flowers are rarely produced!

See Canna growing guide if you are not familiar with growing canna. If  buying January-March you will need to grow on with some heat and light to intiate growth or the rhizome may rot. Dispatched weekly.




                                                                Canna musifolia grande in flower       


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