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Canna musifolia grande

Canna musifolia grande


Large banana like foliage. Grows to 3 metres tall. Fresh rhizome for dispatch from mid January.

:  at  £6.00  each

 Home grown from my own parent plants. Fresh rhizomes split from clumps just before dispatch for £6. First deliveries from mid January 2022.Then weekly. Young plants expected to be available from mid February for £9 see following listing in my shop. Delivery is likely to be delayed during any periods of severe weather. These are fresh rhizomes removed from overwintered clumps just before sending. They need planting immediately and need heat and light, such as a south facing windowsill if buying before April.  See the canna growing guide for information. Small orders receive medium size rhizomes and larger orders are a mix of large and small rhizomes.                                          

                                                            Canna musifolia grande rhizomes

 A very fast growing large canna for an exotic look. Grow for large leaves, a height of 3 metres easily possible. Leaves have a maroon margin. Stems flushed maroon. The small orange flowers are a seldom produced bonus. However, in 2021 a good number have flowered here from as little as three and a half feet tall. As yet it remains unknown why this has happened as before this year flowering was a rare event with my stock all descending from one plant from the national collection some years ago. At least a few of my customers who bought spring/summer 2021 have had some flowers too including a group of 6 plants which all flowered, a local customer bought two and both flowered at less than four feet tall so information suggesting they never get large enough to flower is incorrect. Height has no relation to flowering!  In five summers I have seen only 3 flower spikes one of which failed to open as it was produced too late in the season but in 2021 I have had  16 flower spikes . 

See Canna growing guide if you are not familiar with growing canna. If  buying January-March you will need to grow on with some heat and light to intiate growth or the rhizome may rot. Dispatched weekly.

                                                              musifolia grande flower (2)




                                                                Canna musifolia grande in flower       


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