Canna virus and leaf damage

The first three images are of leaf and stem issues that are not canna virus. The first issue gave me some concern for a few years until I could establish this was not a virus. New leaves twist and entangle and do not unfold. Affecting groups of the same variety growing in the same conditions this can affect the plant for a few weeks and actually soon grows out. Despite looking serious this doesn't affect the same plants over and over. There is no pattern to what plants are affected but there is an association with high day time / cool night time temperature extremes which most often occur in the spring and early summer, occasionally later on.

Sunburn damage often alarms new growers who are worried about canna virus. It occurs frequently. Shown on images two and three. Similar looking damage can occur on the first emerging leaves of plants from overwintered rhizomes. 



Temporary growth distortion occurs during widely changing temperature extremes ie hot days cold nights most likely spring and early summer.
Sunburn damage is the most commonly seen issue, similar damage can also easily be seen on the first leaf emerging from an overwintered rhizome.
Another image of commonly seen sunburn damage
Canna virus on a non variegated canna
Close up of the same leaf showing canna virus detail
Yellow streaks and blotches of a canna virus on a white striped canna leaf