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Canna Wyoming

Canna Wyoming


0range flowers, dark foliage. Established 2 litre pot. From January.

:  at  £14.00  each

These pots are available as stocks are high on this variety and represent much better value than a rhizome for £6.  They can be left to grow frost free in their own time or forced on like the early season rhizomes. For rhizomes for £6 check out the next listing in the shop. Limited number of two litre pots, also there will be 3 litre pots and sold as fresh rhizomes.

Wyoming; Average height 6ft 1.8m. Dark foliage and large pure orange flowers make this chocolate and orange combination very popular. . If buying January-March as a fresh rhizome for £6 you will  need to grow on with some heat and light to initiate growth or the rhizome may rot. See Canna growing guide for full details. Dispatched every seven to ten days January-March then weekly from mid April. Always available at the nursery in various pot sizes Spring to Autumn.

P1120340Canna Wyoming foliage

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