Acre Meadow Plants

Online shop featuring Canna and other plants.

A garden/ nursery and a collection of plants featuring vibrant late summer colour, dark foliage, exotic and insect attracting plants in deep borders. Canna's and Aeonium's feature prominently along with Dahlias and Salvias.

 The nursery remains closed to visitors except by arrangement. This is not another way to view the garden on an alternative day to those offered. PLANTS FOR SALE AT THE NURSERY ARE CASH PAYMENT ONLY! 

The garden will again open by arrangement for the NATIONAL GARDEN SCHEME. Group openings for 20+ people can be arranged for any day of the week. For EVERYONE ELSE, Sundays and Mondays late summer into September with NO EXCEPTIONS! Currently uncertain on the opening dates due to the season for exotics being way behind last year. You will have to contact me for your booking preferrably by email in the first instance, or on the day before /on the day, by phone. With early August recommended as a starting point this season.

This year I have switched to organic peat free compost and all my aeonium and canna are grown in this. Other compost is homemade from previously used peat based compost and soil, manure fertilzer so no more (new) peat based compost is bought here.