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Canna Black Knight

Canna Black Knight - £6.00

True rich red flower. Red tinted Blue-green foliage

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Canna General Eisenhower

Canna General Eisenhower - £6.00

A very dark broader leaf variety with red-orange flowers

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Canna Golden Orb

Canna Golden Orb - £6.00

Golden Yellow, medium height, bluish leaf colour

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Canna Lesotho Lil

Canna Lesotho Lil - £6.00

very tall orange flowered canna with glaucous green foliage

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Canna musifolia grande

Canna musifolia grande - £6.00

Large banana like foliage. Grows to 3 metres tall. Perfect for a tropical look

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Canna Roi Humbert

Canna Roi Humbert - £6.00

Dark leaved, Orange-red flower. Height over 2 metres easily possible

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Canna Wyoming

Canna Wyoming - £6.00

0range flowered dark foliage

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Helianthus Lemon Queen

Helianthus Lemon Queen - £4.00

Clump forming perennial sunflower. Attractive to bees

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