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Ophiopogon planicapus nigrescens


Black, evergreen, grass like foliage for most soil except hot and dry.

:  at  £3.95  each

Can be grown as a marginal pond plant or bog garden or general garden plant. Claims that it needs moist but free draining soil, even in RHS guide books, are not accurate as it is quite happy in wet soil or shallow water. Many other ophiopogon species are widely used for aquarium planting so it was no real surprise that here it has thrived, not just survived, with up to 2.5cm of water over the roots all year round. Very well known and commonly available this plant produces lilac flowers and black berries. Low growing with strong plants up to 15cm tall but often less. Rich moist soil best but tolerates many conditions and likes full sun. Can be divided at most times of the year.

Sold in a 7cm square pot

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