Acre Meadow Plants is me, Keith Knights. I live at Acre Meadow and have been growing and selling plants since 1987. Beginning with popular lines like bedding plants, fuschias, conifers, shrubs and heathers. Then getting bored with that and specialising in pond plants for many years. In 2015 I decided to give up plants and this lasted for a few months until in 2016 I got into late summer colour and perennials, exotic and semi exotic plants and began the garden at this time. This was the first year I grew canna's and I seemed to have quite a knack for growing them. Canna and Aeonium zwartkop are  dominant features in the garden. Although many different plants are grown and sold at Acre Meadow it is mostly Canna's and Aeonium zwartkop that I am known for and these are produced in greater quantities than the number of other plants I grow and sell only from home or local plant fairs.